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About Us

Absolute Maternity Wear was born out of the dire need for Maternity wear that looks great, does not cost the earth and makes the modern expectant mom feel fabulous, comfortable and stylish when worn.

Much consideration has been given to the fact that most pregnant woman uses maternity wear for two thirds of her pregnancy, at most, if not less. Hence, the garments in this range has been designed to allow for use during and after pregnancy. Only the best imported stretch fabric have been used in the garments to accommodate changes in shape and still maintain the feminine silhouette of the pregnant mom. Make no mistake that quality and style has been sacrificed, at the expense of affordability.

This stunning range is the brainchild of designers who have been involved in high street fashion and have worked with maternity ranges for leading chains.
 The garments in this range are trendy, beautifully detailed and highly fashionable and is a reflection of their vast knowledge and experience.

The excellent pricing structure and wide selection makes it possible for the expectant mom to purchase her entire pregnancy wardrobe without it costing and arm and a leg.

We have endeavoured to make your online shopping experience as pleasant and convenient as possible.

Step out in Absolute Style. You deserve to look beautiful.